Lake Tahoe Heavenly Rental – Fully Connected

Lake Tahoe Heavenly Rental - Bluray 1080p LCD TV

Heavenly 1080p in the Lake Tahoe Heavenly Rental

Heavenly Lake Tahoe Rentals don’t often come with the technology that you’ll find in the Heavenly Tahoe Condo.  The televisions in the rental are high definition 1080p, so you won’t miss a single detail.

Lake Tahoe Heavenly Rental - Bluray 1080p LCD TV

Bluray, Lake Tahoe Style

The televisions are hooked up to high definition bluray players, so be sure to bring your favorite movies with you!  Whether it’s a bluray or a DVD, your media will look and sound exceptional on the provided 1080p displays in the Lake Tahoe Heavenly Rental.

Lake Tahoe Heavenely Rental - High Speed WiFi Connection

High Speed WiFi, Throughout the Rental

On top of the fantastic viewing experience, the Heavenly Tahoe Condo is equipped with high-speed WiFi.  While your neighbor’s iPhone is losing signal, you’ll still be fully connected in this ultimate Lake Tahoe Heavenly rental.  Book a stay now!